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I'm planning on selling a rerooted Draculaura in the next few weeks...stay tuned if you're interested. ^_^

Last night Lauren and I watched this movie from the 70's called Lies My Father Told Me. I quite liked it even though it only got 3 stars. ^^;;; It's about this little boy living in a Jewish ghetto in Montreal in the 1920's, and his relationship with his maternal grandfather. The movie wasn't perfect and filled me with rage at the injustice of it all, but I would have given it an extra half star. I haven't watched very many movies with similar subject matter.

I still haven't set Frankie's hair. I haven't had time and the stovetop is always occupied. By something I'm making, that is. ^^;;;;
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Nobody has crazier dreams than me.

You know how if you have something you need to do the next day, you'll dream about doing it?

Cut for disgustingness featuring a classic movie actor who's been dead for at least 25 years )

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Seems like it's going to rain soon. Seems like it's going to be raining for the entirety of next week. =_=

I had to take some time off from writing because of a lot of commissions I had lined up, but now that I'm almost finished, I managed to get some work on Chapter 15 done. The great thing about having your story be over 300 pages long is that you keep needing to check back with earlier chapters to make sure you don't contradict anything. ^^;;;

Lauren and I watched a bunch of DVRed movies this week. We saw Dr. Coppelius, Wait Until Dark, and just last night, we watched Suspicion. Dr. Coppelius was...odd. I probably liked Wait Until Dark the best of the three...though Alan Arkin's hairstyle was really silly. The ending to Suspicion was a little too contrived...studio politics and all(RKO didn't want Cary Grant to wind up like his character in the book, since he was so popular with moviegoers).

Several of my daylily seeds have sprouted(one actually sprouted in the seed pod, ha ha!) So I have one Siloam Virginia Henson X Entrapment, and 2 Siloam Virginia Henson X Gentle Shepherd sprouts. I don't want to put them outside, so they'll spend the winter in my unheated foyer. ^^;;; Maybe I should have waited until spring for the second batch. I just have so many seeds! I'd love to know what manner of creature made off with 3 seed pods worth of Siloam Virginia Henson X Little Heavenly Angel! I'll have to redo the cross next year! >_<

Daring Deception is so fertile, it tries to cross with itself. ^^;;; It's a shame Cedar Waxwing didn't seem to want to produce viable seeds. I'm not sure if it's because we were in the middle of a heat wave, or maybe Cedar Waxwing is just not a good pod parent, because the few seed pods that formed dropped off prematurely. I managed to get 5 seeds using Cedar Waxwing as a pollen parent and Daring Deception as a pod parent, and I hope they germinate!

It looks like Ao no Kiseki got straight 8s from Famitsu. It must be an awesome game...there's no love lost between Famitsu and Falcom!
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I revised exactly one page of Chapter 14. Brilliant!

I also started my first knitting project in over 6 months. I decided to use a ball of orange Kidsilk Haze to make Lauren a lovely lace scarf, but I screwed it up 17 rows in and decided to make it out of some royal blue Karabella Cashmere yarn instead. I'll get back to the Kidsilk Haze later...

Lauren and I finished watching Ordet last night. I thought it was a pretty decent movie but it would have been a lot shorter if the characters didn't take so long to walk from one side of the room to the other.

Lauren gifted me with a paid Flickr account, and I can't even enjoy it because Flickr is down so much. I guess I should just take lots of pictures and upload later.

I also reread The Summer Book and found myself liking it quite a bit more than I had the first time I read it. Tove Jansson was such a genius--I can really sympathize with her outlook on the world, which possibly says some not-so-nice things about me, ha ha!
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Thanks to this nasty weather that is not going to end until at least Saturday, both of my Chinese tree peonies have peony measles... =_=;;;; The fungicide hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I don't think they'll die(they better not!), but the thought of losing this year's growth is really upsetting me. If they die, I don't know what I'll do... ;_;

Bartzella, however, looks as fresh as a daisy! Anybody who said that intersectional peonies are just a fad and a ripoff needs to have a look at my yard! Practically everything has some degree of funk, but Bartzella is as pristine and green as ever!

I'm trying to console myself by dipping into my PSP backlog and playing Tengai Makyou: the 4th Apocalypse. The battle system is nothing to write home about(and I'm not too fond of all of my party members sharing MP), but story-wise, this is the most messed-up game I've ever played. There is literally something in there to offend every ethnic group and subculture. I just finished fighting this character who basically looks like an evil version of Miss Piggy, and before the battle she sings this song about the virtues of being really, really fat. And she's voiced by the (late) actress who played Rita Repulsa(not her dubbed voice) in the Japanese version of Power Rangers. There are bad Native American stereotypes, bad Chinese stereotypes, constant talk about the evil white man and a 15 year old pop tart in her skivvies doing a bunch of high kicks in front of small children while singing a song where she invites them to "lick her candy". (Her name is Candy, by the way). This is probably the most un-PC game I've ever played and I'm surprised it got an A rating...it would never see the light of day in the USA...::laughs:: Well, it's a lot more fun than the loli crap that comes out these days.

I also tried to watch the musical Camelot but quit about 40 minutes in because it was too awful. I don't know how Richard Harris lived with himself after that one.
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1. Deadheaded Paula Fay. Damn...those red peonies really can't hold up to the sun.
2. Spent about an hour pruning a forsythia bush to an attractive shape, like Don King's head. It had a lot of dead branches on the underside. Unfortunately, as I was finishing up the job, I somehow took a big chunk out of my right thumb. I don't think it's serious but it stings really bad. =_=
3. Paced around like an idiot.

My last three herbaceous peonies will be Scarlett O'Hara, Buckeye Belle, and Coral Sunset. I ordered Scarlett O' Hara from Cricket Hill Garden, since I was so happy with the size and vigor of the Philomele and Moonstone divisions they sent me last year, and I ordered Buckeye Belle and Coral Sunset from Hollingsworth Nursery. I've heard a lot of good things about Hollingsworth Nursery, and the owner has actually hybridized a fair amount of herbaceous/intersectional peonies himself. I was at a bit of a loss about where to put Buckeye Belle because of its unusual color, but at the same time, I had to have it because of its unusual color. It's the only red peony I've ever seen that's a brown-toned red as opposed to a blue-toned red like the other red peonies. I figure that if I plant it next to the tree peonies, it won't matter because Buckeye Belle will bloom after them. That weird black-red color is seen much more frequently in tree peonies...I wonder if it's some kind of distant cross with another kind of peony(much like the standard herbaceous peony was crossed with a wild red peony to get the coral color).

Lauren and I started watching the DVD of the 1939 version of Goodbye Mr. Chips last night, but it got too late to finish. One thing I noticed about it compared to the Peter O'Toole remake is that the 1939 version is actually funny. Also, you can sit through it and not feel like you've been camped out in front of the TV for a week.

::laughs:: There's that one song from the remake(sung rather ineptly by Peter O'Toole) that Lauren says sounds like he's reciting the names of all the colors of Lucky Charms. Ouch.
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I decided that I wanted to take back the prime full sun parts of my front yard, so I went out and dug up two HUGE clumps of orange daylilies. I don't know why I planted them...I keep hearing that if somebody gives you plants as a gift, beware because they're usually some kind of invasive weed, but I stupidly planted them anyway because we didn't really have much in our front yard at the time. Too bad orange daylilies come straight from hell! They're ridiculously tall, the flowers are not as pretty as the newer, less invasive daylilies and they are the most invasive plants I've ever had the misfortune of growing! At least the strawberries and anemones can be easily pulled out if they get out of hand! I spent hours digging up horrible 4-foot wide clumps of rhizomes, and I'm not sure if I got them all. I want to plant a Scarlett O'Hara peony in their place...and some Siberian irises...

I also sat down and watched the musical remake of Goodbye, Mr. Chips. Um...I feel like I'm going to be stoned to death by Peter O'Toole fans, but the movie was kind of awful. I figured that I would be holding a grudge against the movie since I was so fond of the original, but I honestly hadn't expected the remake to be THAT bad!
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Last night, I forced Lauren to sit down and watch one of my favorite classic movies, I Remember Mama. Robert Osborne says it's the best movie ever made about mothers, probably because in many of the other "mother" movies, the mother character is either abusive and controlling, or ridiculously self-sacrificing and her child is an ungrateful pig, a la Mildred Pierce. I'm also in the middle of rewatching the 1939 version of Goodbye, Mr. Chips, which is also one of my favorite movies. I have the Peter O'Toole version on my DVR, but I haven't watched it yet. I find it depressing that Robert Donat successfully played a character who lived well into his old age and had a full life, but he himself died young...

I'm sure there are some ridiculously ageist people out there who would laugh at me for saying that a man who died at age 53 died young, but those people are pigs. -_-

Lauren and I also watched the hilariously bad The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, and the just plain bad Cannon Movie Tales version of Beauty and the Beast. You know...somebody once said that a hilariously bad movie can never be the worst movie ever, because truly bad movies are boring. The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T was bad like the way The Apple was bad. I like entertaining bad movies. Here's a short list of bad movies I've watched recently that are a hoot to watch:

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
The Apple
The Legend of Billie Jean
Promise Her Anything
Die Die My Darling!

And bad movies that aren't even worth watching:

Any Cannon Movie Tales movie that's not Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, or Puss in Boots
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li
Pretty much any original Sy-Fy movie
This Woman is Dangerous(bad Joan Crawford movie)
The Damned Don't Cry(another bad Joan Crawford movie)

Perhaps the hilariously bad movies are not truly bad, but mediocre?
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I finally managed to sit down and watch some more DVR'ed movies this weekend. I managed to get Lauren to watch one of my favorites, Kind Hearts and Coronets, otherwise known as "That Movie where Alec Guinness Plays Eight Characters". Like many British movies, it's very dry, but there were many scenes where I actually laughed out loud--the scene with Lady Agatha(a frequently-jailed suffragette who is also Alec Guinness) was priceless.

I also watched The Star, featuring an aging Bette Davis and a very young Natalie Wood. I thought it was okay, but I probably wouldn't watch it again(or make Lauren watch it). There was nothing in it that wasn't done better in All About Eve, and it didn't have the world's greatest script. Also, it was more than a little sexist. So, basically, Bette Davis's character is a hysterical wretch who just needs to listen to the nice man and do whatever he says in order to become a self-actualized woman? I realize that the movie was made in 1952, but I expected better. On the other hand, I can't help thinking that the movie was intended as a dig against Joan Crawford(who pretty much did what Bette Davis's character did when she was in her mid to late 40's, doing the whole "mutton disguised as lamb" routine rather than "lowering" herself to play a woman who is anything but an elegant, desirable lady). After all, Bette Davis was not exactly a fan of Joan's...

I've never been a fan of Natalie Wood's, but it was nice to see her with some meat on her bones, even if she was only 14 years old.

I've also been playing Zero no Kiseki. After the trauma of being torn away from Sora no Kiseki, I'm finally starting to warm up to the "new" series...too bad the new artwork of Estelle and Joshua is really ugly! I'm not looking forward to seeing Renne again, though...I never liked her.

EDIT: Apparently, I was right on the money about The Star! It actually was supposed to be Joan Crawford! Gee, I wonder why she didn't take the role...
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...is type with this hand. I'm okay for short spurts, but I tried typing up Chapter 12 of my story and it hurt like hell... I wonder why it is that typing in LJ doesn't hurt my finger, but typing up my story does?

It's too bad, I was hoping I could finish this book by April. I have about 3 chapters to go. Then it's on to the second one!

We finally finished watching the Cannon Movie Tales version of Snow White. In general, the Cannon Movie Tales are a mixed bag, but Snow White was a real hoot, mainly because of Diana Rigg as the wicked queen. So far, we've seen:

1. Hansel and Gretel: Decent, if you don't mind being forced to look at Cloris Leachman's boobs.
2. Puss in Boots: Mediocre, but worth it just to see a cat turn into Christopher Walken.
3. The Frog Prince: Mediocre.
4. The Emperor's New Clothes: Terrible.
5. Red Riding Hood: Mediocre, bad casting, and Isabella Rossellini has a terrible singing voice.
5. Sleeping Beauty: Terrible.
6. Snow White: A hoot. The best one so far.

Now, what do I watch tonight...something artistic and pretentious or The Legend of Billie Jean?
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Seriously, I had something else to say.

The results of my current rerooting project will be revealed in several days... I wonder if there are some people out there who will be angry, but I'm almost done and I think it's going to be a vast improvement. And no, it's not my doll, it's Lauren's, and it's a doll she's posted to her Flickr account before but not very frequently because her hair color made her hard to redress. I think she will be an enviable doll when I'm finished.

Maaan I had no idea they re-released the Sunbow cartoon version of G.I. Joe on DVD last year! ::laughs:: I used to watch that show all the time when I was a kid, and I watched the reruns in high school right before I had to leave in the morning. ^^;;;; Memories...I'm still burning a mini-torch for my favorite character, but I won't say who he is unless I'm sure I won't get teased. My brothers mocked me mercilessly for even mentioning his name. =_= Men...they can't understand a woman's heart.

I'm sure the more casual Joe fans won't even know who he is. ^^;;;;;;


Aug. 14th, 2010 12:56 pm
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One of the pitfalls of the DVR is the fact that if the movie runs longer than its allotted time, the ending will be cut off and not recorded. And you won't know it until it's too late!

Lauren and I camped out in front of the TV for TWO HOURS and FIFTEEN MINUTES last night watching Daddy Longlegs, featuring old man Fred Astaire and his disturbing love affair with a woman 30 years younger than him. And right at the part where he meets Leslie Caron in the art gallery at the end, the movie stops! The TV popped up the message, "Do you wish to delete this movie now?" ARGGGGHHHHHHH! Well, the movie was okay, but not great.

I'm almost done with the first head of the commission I'm working on right now. I...um...am using a lot more hair than I anticipated. ^^;;;;; The problem is that the hair is packed by weight, and I guess this particular blend was heavy... I think I still have enough. I probably won't run out. I hate it when this happens, though! >_< I never know exactly how much hair I'm going to need, because it really depends on the hairstyle, so I like to have a bit extra.
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Until I finish Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, I will remain unfit to live with.

I finally got the order of hair from Restoredoll that I need for my current commission in the mail today. Time to get to work! Uh...and I have to order some more hair now. ^^;;;;

I tried to get all arty and watch Distant Voices, Still Lives last night. It didn't work. That movie is just not for me. It's just a jumbled mess of clips of people singing interspersed with Pete Postlethwaite beating his family. I got about 45 minutes into it when I was forced to abort the viewing and delete it from my DVR, lest Lauren mutiny. She was so angry that I made her skip playing Ys Seven for that...::laughs:: Better luck tonight, I guess. I need a movie to semi-watch while I'm rooting, and there's no point to watching The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, since I can't delete the episodes, and we're running out of space.

The last time I stopped watching a movie in the middle was Mar Needs Women. I thought it was going to be one of those movies that was so bad that it was funny, but it was just boring and painful to watch. Kind of like Gigli.
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I did manage to keep one promise I made to myself for the month of July--I finished the all-cotton crocheted afghan I started in May. I made it out of scraps(more like entire frogged projects)of yarn from abandoned projects Lauren and I had started ages ago and never got around to finishing. I've already crocheted/knitted several afghans but they're much too heavy for the summer. All three of the ones on my bed are wool and alpaca so I can't use them. It's nice to have a cotton afghan...I wove all the ends in in one evening while watching WALL-E and On Borrowed Time.

I also finished playing Ys Seven last week. The game took me about 32 hours to finish, which is amazing because most Ys games are under 15 hours long. My history with Ys is embarrassingly sparse--Lauren's played quite a few of them, though, and I recall her saying that Ys 6 was a pretty big disappointment. Ys Seven is a very good game. Possibly the best PSP game I've played so far. A lot of people say it's the best Ys game to date and in the end, I would probably wind up agreeing with them. I'll have to ask Lauren what she thinks in the end. I bought the game at launch when I heard that Famitsu gave it all 8s. That's incredibly high for a Falcom game. I think Ys 6 actually got some 6s...
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Why oh why do the robins have to eat all my damn raspberries? They ignored them last year... I put up a bird net but the ends popped out and I guess the birds got under it and ate at least four raspberries. And here I was worried that the birds would get trapped in the net and injured. ::sighs:: I'm too kind! I know it's birds and not beetles because they were brazen enough to let out their stuff at the foot of the bushes. They better stay away from there! ::curses and fires a gun in the air:: I need better stakes that don't pop out. "Caroline" is supposed to be a heavy fruiter but robins have voracious appetites. They'll eat every single raspberry off my raspberry bushes(I have nine plants) if I don't do something, and fast.

Lauren and I decided to swap Blue Bird's Song III Mius--she kept the standard and I'll do the reroot for myself. I'm using a mesh of Restoredoll Brownette and Saucy Brown. Probably curly hair. I just felt kind of bad that she has 5 customized Ex-Cute dolls from me and I just have Kurohime. ::laughs weakly:: That, and she doesn't have any redheads, unless you count Sweet Punk Girls! Koron. The Miu has the same exact hair and eye color as Angelic Sigh II DS Lien, so she'd be better off keeping her... As a whole, I think the 7th series is very, very cute, but I've been disappointed in their hair. Not in the color and/or style, but in the actual rooting jobs... Lien has major flyaways(worse in the DS version) and while Chiika's pigtails are adorable, her hair is so thin that I can see her scalp right through the top of her head. 0_0;;; Miu actually looks pretty okay, but I'd like to see her with darker hair just the same.

I wonder why it is that some of the Ex-Cute girls have such thin hair, while others don't? Sweet Punk Girls! Lien in particular has beautiful and luxurious hair, but it seems like the lighter the doll's hair, the thinner they root it. I don't understand because I know they root the Azone heads at Licca-chan Castle, but Castle dolls, in spite of their lesser price, always have thickly rooted hair. And they don't paint the scalps! (hates painted scalps)

As far as jobs I have lined up, I'm doing a Nice Jenny Timotei with Restoredoll Limited Blond hair and a Calendar Girl policewoman Marine with Restoredoll Hazelnut hair for Lauren after I'm done with my current commission. I also have a Totoco Elise lying around with unfortunate hair that I'm thinking of turning into a redhead. I've been DVRing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz anime off of ThisTV and I think she'd make a cute Dorothy. Her hair, at least. :D
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