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I did manage to keep one promise I made to myself for the month of July--I finished the all-cotton crocheted afghan I started in May. I made it out of scraps(more like entire frogged projects)of yarn from abandoned projects Lauren and I had started ages ago and never got around to finishing. I've already crocheted/knitted several afghans but they're much too heavy for the summer. All three of the ones on my bed are wool and alpaca so I can't use them. It's nice to have a cotton afghan...I wove all the ends in in one evening while watching WALL-E and On Borrowed Time.

I also finished playing Ys Seven last week. The game took me about 32 hours to finish, which is amazing because most Ys games are under 15 hours long. My history with Ys is embarrassingly sparse--Lauren's played quite a few of them, though, and I recall her saying that Ys 6 was a pretty big disappointment. Ys Seven is a very good game. Possibly the best PSP game I've played so far. A lot of people say it's the best Ys game to date and in the end, I would probably wind up agreeing with them. I'll have to ask Lauren what she thinks in the end. I bought the game at launch when I heard that Famitsu gave it all 8s. That's incredibly high for a Falcom game. I think Ys 6 actually got some 6s...
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