Nov. 29th, 2010


Nov. 29th, 2010 05:13 pm
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...the PSP port of Persona 2: Innocent Sin is coming out on March 3rd of next year. No new voices(because Lisa's voice actress retired years ago and they don't want to recast her or any of the other voices). The mode with the old soundtrack also has the old cutscenes. And selectable difficulty. It seems like they're making the fusion system more like the one from Eternal Punishment. No plans set in stone to do Eternal Punishment...apparently, they wanted to put them both on the same UMD but they couldn't fit it. So, basically, the tradeoff for having the old version of Innocent Sin playable is no Eternal Punishment. least, no concrete plans. It seems like they want to do Eternal Punishment, but they won't commit.

I would really like Eternal Punishment on the PSP as well...I thought the characters from Innocent Sin were too over-the-top and annoying(and any revelations they may have had about their issues didn't really stick through to the end of the game). At the same time, the PSX version of Innocent Sin is so buggy that it's unplayable, and any changes they would make to Eternal Punishment would be only cosmetic, since Innocent Sin was the one that needed fixing... I wish Atlus would be less lazy with their ports and actually add some new content! The PSP version of Devil Summoner was still barely playable!

Lauren and I have made some daring decisions concerning our less-loved Ex-Cute dolls. Let's just say that Secret Wonderland Chiika, Sweet Punk Girls! Aika, my Romantic Girly III Chiika, and Wicked Style III Aika are going to be undergoing some changes. ^^;;; Also, Lauren is beggering me to reroot a Fanny Fanny II Himeno for her. Busy, busy...

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