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Apparently, according to some shift in the alignment of the planet or something, I am now a Virgo. Uh...okay.

I'm not really interested in astrology, but Virgo seems pretty accurate to me, except for the part about being a conservative, ha ha!

I finished another playthrough of elan plus last night. I used a screwed-up file left over from a failed attempt to get the Sarai ending, and the only person I was able to choose as a partner was Kaname. I felt bad choosing her, because even though she's Nao's cousin, she's incompetent. I certainly wouldn't leave discovering a new planet up to some gyaru who is only good at standing up in the gravity chamber, ha ha! I actually found my test grades/relationships with other characters suffering because I had to keep chasing Kaname down to train with her and she's not good at anything(in elan plus, if you train with a character, you get a big boost if they're better at said activity than you are, and if you're better, you get a tiny boost and they get a big boost, but both boost affection points)

Basically, Kaname's issue that you have to help her work out is that even though she's a cheerful girl, she's lazy and incompetent, and she doesn't care. She practically flips off the instructors for calling her out on her flightiness. She also makes it very clear that she wants to get it on with her own cousin(even worse if you choose the male version of Nao) I finished all six of her events and I still think she's a twit. Also, she has the same voice as Welch in the JP version of Star Ocean 3 and won't stop shrieking.

Funny...even though I did all of Kairi's events in the last playthrough, I managed to trigger some new conversations, like the one where he talks about the time when he ran out of his room without his glasses and when he went back to find them, he accidentally ran into somebody else's room. Also being emo about the fact that he can't wear contacts because his eyes are too sensitive. He turned out to be a really odd character... Obviously, he's not an android, but when you get further on in the game he reminds me of Data, with his strange bemused reactions to certain dialogue choices and general incompetence about social customs. I half-expect there to be some hidden event where he encourages the other candidates to fight in front of him because he finds it intriguing. At first glance, he seems like another stuck-up clone of Nanjo from Persona or something, but he's actually rather sweet, as long as you don't mind talking excitedly about making juice or only sleeping every other day.

Gotta love obscure simulation games!

Date: 2011-01-15 12:13 am (UTC)
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Just to think that everyone in the world who thought they were a Libra is actually a Virgo. Oh noes! I'm no longer a repressed social butterfly just waiting to burst out of her chrysalis and live a life of carefree beauty, flirting with all the men and making no important decisions! XD I guess that when it comes down to it, we weren't really like Libras at all.

...I still feel like a little part of me died, though...XD

I'm glad I managed to get you on the elan plus bandwagon. I would have a hard time clearing all those playthroughs on my own! I agree--taking Kaname with you leaves a bad taste in your mouth, because she's incompetent.

I wish I had managed to get Kairi to talk about his glasses. Even though I nabbed him as my lover, I couldn't get him to talk about anything but making juice.

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