Jan. 8th, 2013

tsubasahome: (custom doll)
I'm putting the finishing touches on my rerooted Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona while I'm waiting for some commission materials to show up. Her hair color is really interesting. It's a three color blend of Restoredoll Azure Blue, Ever Green and Sapphire Blue, but from far away it looks solid teal. After I'm done with her I'd like to take a break from pigtails for a while!

We're just at the beginning of the 2nd G-Gundam box set. I almost died from laughter over the whole "Super Asia" scene. Also, we had been waiting so long to hear Wong's Japanese voice, as he is played by the same seiyuu who played Wakabayashi in the original Captain Tsubasa series and is kind of infamous for being a not very great actor. He actually sounded even sillier than I expected. He spent half the time talking in this weird, quasi-drag queen voice, and the other half just sounding like Wakabayashi, and I don't even think it was intentional, LOL...it literally sounded like he lost his place and forgot who he was playing.

Zeus Gundam is awesome, though! I was highly offended by the stupidity of Cobra Gundam(I could think of a million more interesting and cooler ways to represent Neo-India, even as a joke), but a chariot-riding Gundam who looks like Zeus? And the pilot looks just like the Gundam? Maybe Cobra Gundam was supposed to be some sort of Samurai Troopers homage, seeing as the decidedly green snakeman pilot shared a seiyuu with a decidedly green snakeman villain from said show...

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