Dec. 11th, 2011

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I'm convinced now that we had a Hard Freeze Warning back in November when we lost power for 3 days, because last night the temperature was in the upper teens and we had no such warning. I put the winter protection on Aptos two days ago, and I wound up having to cut the leaves off.

I got up this morning to find all my winter protection mulch frozen solid, yet the part of Moondance that sticks out of the homemade rose collar still has fresh green leaves. 0_o What gives? got too tall, okay? This is the first year I've attempted to overwinter roses, but they're supposed to drop their leaves at some point, aren't they? I piled up a ton of mulch around the base, since it's the only grafted rose we own, but it just doesn't want to go to sleep!

I finished my last holiday scarf and wove the ends in. I'm about halfway through the first chapter of Ao no Kiseki. Nothing like a "serious" battle between rivals that ends with one punching another in the crotch... It totally looked like that was what happened! Then again, isn't Falcom kind of notorious for wonky direction?

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