Jan. 3rd, 2011

tsubasahome: (Default)
I was expecting Maya(s) to arrive today, but it looks like the package was held up in customs over New Year's. Too bad...

I picked up Sora no Kiseki SC again after finishing my first playthrough of elan plus. Like its predecessor, it's a very good game, but it's frustrating about how frequently they stick you with only 2 party members. I just finished some quest where Estelle had to teach a Sunday school class and the first time, I messed up two questions and some nun told me that I need to study more and stop messing up the kiddies's education with my misinformation. Naturally, I reloaded the game.

Aika's taking me a pretty long time, but she looks lovely with sky blue hair so far. Lauren just finished rerooting her first Ex-Cute doll--her Secret Wonderland Chiika. She told me that it was very grueling. She also told me some other things, but I'll leave that between the two of us. ^^;;;;

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