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In less than a year, I finished all three Sora no Kiseki games, and I just finished Zero no Kiseki the day before yesterday.

Here's the time I clocked:

SnK FC: 48 hours
SnK SC: 82 hours
SnK the 3rd: 63 hours
ZnK: 66 hours

I still hate Renne.

Seriously, she's got a tragic past, but who doesn't in these games? She's a self-absorbed, narcissistic brat who sounds like a 45 year old woman faking a squeaky voice, insults everybody and acts like the world revolves around her, even up to the very end. The only reason why she allowed Estelle and Joshua to "catch" her is because her stupid giant robot stopped obeying her commands and wouldn't whisk her away! I also hate how Estelle turns into a weepy, emotional wreck whenever the subject of Renne comes up--if anybody has something emotionally invested in Renne, it should be Joshua, not Estelle. Is Falcom saying that Estelle should have this fixation on saving Renne because she's a woman? To the point where she'd be crying all the time over her?

It's certainly not because Estelle is this kind, loving, forgiving person who sees good in a "bad" person and just wants to help them and reform them, because even when Klose told her to try to patch things up with Josette, she refused. She sulked like a little baby any time anybody was nice to Josette or paid her a compliment, even if it wasn't Joshua. Even in the end of the 3rd, she pitches a fit because Klose told Josette she wanted to see her again! So what's up with her fixation with Renne? Why is she so OOC starting with the end of SC? Even when Renne was playing nice, she acted like a rotten brat! I hope she doesn't come back in Ao no Kiseki...

So. I was totally out of love with Estelle by the time the 3rd rolled around, and her and Joshua's role in ZnK didn't amuse me. I actually preferred Lloyd to Estelle, and not because he's a man, because I liked Tio more than Lloyd. Tio's back story is very similar to Renne's, but she's not fetishized and she's not a sociopath. Her character is so much better written than Renne's that having the two characters in the same game is laughable. For the most part, the cast of ZnK is pretty innocuous. I liked Randy the least, just because he was the least original and I never liked the womanizer character. I did enjoy seeing Lechter again. The story in ZnK is...all right. They drop plot threads for too long and pick them up so late that you almost forget what had happened, but it's tons better than any of the crappy Tales games.

I hope Renne stays out of Ao no Kiseki! She almost makes Tita look good. I barely tolerate Tita, because she's a good girl and works hard, but she's such an insipid little loli and I can't stand her stammering and her "cute" little mannerisms, so I can't really like her.

Heh...I also couldn't stand Ries in the 3rd. Let's see, a fetish cutesy nun who is a tsundere and does nothing but stuff her face, complain, and talk about stuffing her face. I had thought she might be one of those "holy girl" characters like Mint in Tales of Phantasia, (not like I would've liked that)but in reality, she's a passive-aggressive bitch who calls herself a nun, but has no problem with dropping out of your party for an entire chapter just because she's mad at Kevin, and spends about 10 hours of the game bitching about him behind his back to two of your party of members, one of which is a 13 year old girl! And even after that, all she does is alternate complaining about Kevin with talking about stuffing her face! She ought to be defrocked! What the hell does Falcom think about women, here? I think the only girls in the SnK series I liked were Klose...and Josette, and Julia...and I guess Schera was okay. I know Josette is like the most hated character in the Kiseki series, but I actually thought she was quite sweet in the end.

...all right, she's actually my favorite of the girls, are you happy? She's got a big mouth and she doesn't get along with Estelle, but she's a good kid. She worried about Ries and tried to cheer her up for an entire chapter even though Ries was just acting like a big ol' bitch. She spent an entire chapter nursing Kevin back to health, even though previously she acted like she didn't like him, and then she stopped giving him a hard time when he was well! She even took care of Gilbert(while verbally abusing him) at the end of the game, even though he had previously tried to shoot her airship out of the sky for no apparent reason. And I think her friendship with Klose is cute, even though Estelle won't stop sulking over it. For a rival for Joshua's affections, she pretty much kept away from Estelle for the entirety of the 3rd. I don't understand why everybody hates her.

Plus, even if you hate her, you have to admit she has the best hair color in the series.

Anelace is ridiculously popular for such a minor character, and what does she have? She swings a sword and has a one-note gag personality? She admitted that the only reason why she tried to befriend Ries is because she's cute!

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