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Cooking pork chili with homemade bacon/cheddar/scallion corn muffins and marathon-playing elan plus.

I finished my first playthrough in about 5-6 hours. I chose the male version of Nao(your playable character) and set off with the goal of pairing him with Kairi, the requisite bikei megane-kun character.

My God, he was a tough nut to crack. I had to sacrifice precious training time to court a character who can't understand why anybody would want to be friends with anybody. It's not that he hates people, he's just totally indifferent.

For an obscure game that's pretty much a simulation game with training wheels, elan plus has a lot of charm. Maybe it's because of the high-powered voice cast, featuring seiyuu ten years before they wrecked their voices with smoking? I was the most surprised with Kairi--obviously, I could tell that he was played by the same seiyuu who did Oswald in Odin Sphere and Will in Tales of Legendia, but even though you'd think that character-wise, he'd sound like Oswald, it was 1999 and his voice wasn't nearly as raspy. Don't even get me started on the deterioration of Tomokazu Seki. Why is it that so many seiyuu consider smoking to be a prerequisite for their jobs? I think it was Kappei Yamaguchi who said that little factoid. Now that I think about it, if there's any seiyuu who should ruin their voice with smoking...

Ahem. Anyway. Raising my affection points with Kairi was tough, because he's so indifferent about everything that I had a hard time telling what answer he'd like the best. I had to play it safe and raise my affection points little by little by agreeing to fix his broken laptop, and telling him that yes, your bangs are getting a bit too long. Eventually, he fell in love with me, but so did Yoh, Natsuno, and Amane(of these three, only Natsuno is female). Even though I got 3rd place on the final exam and only aced one test, I still ended up with the most points, and picked Kairi as my partner(he did lousy, as usual). He was very sweet to me after that. He's like, "My grades were so bad, do you still want me?" Uh, actually, I picked you for your looks(Yoh is too sleazy for me, and I'm not into headband guys or shotas). I still like Kairi, I really do. I just have to be honest to myself that he's extremely boring. Well, it's better than being a wanker or a man-whore like Yoh.

Oh, what fun I have pretending to be a Nihonjin on the Playstation Network...

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