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I'm editing the last chapter of my book. I've been kind of dragging...distracted by various things... I finally found some clothes for my Monster High repaints, but it's too sunny to take a good picture. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

I ordered I Love Fashion Abbey specifically because I wanted her clothes for my dolls, but I still was slightly less than pleased that she showed up with a big scuff in her lip paint. =_= I guess I'm going to have to have her repainted someday or something. $$$$$$$

I also marathoned all 12 episodes of Bihada Ichizoku. I don't care what anybody says...it's a riot! I wonder if the people who hated it ever got past the first couple of episodes/realized the show is supposed to be a parody? I think they were interrogating it from the wrong perspective.

I wound up cancelling my preorder for Nayuta no Kiseki because of lack of $$$$$. I'll probably pick it up in a few months if I can afford it but I don't really feel the urgency right now. It has middling reviews on various Japanese review sites. Nobody says they hate it but the majority of reviewers are disappointed...I guess they were expecting the next big thing after Ys Seven and Ao no Kiseki and it wound up being a mildly pleasant B grade game.

Lauren also cancelled her preorder for Atelier Ayesha, and is possibly holding out for the domestic release...maybe. We're both big fans of the pre-Arland Atelier series and felt betrayed by the moe garbage Gust has been spewing out as of recently...it's like they forgot the Atelier series was supposed to be geared toward female gamers and realized they could sell more copies by catering to the moe fans. Meruru seemed a little bit more like the old series, Atelier Viorate in particular, but both of us were excited to see that Atelier Ayesha was taking a more serious tone. But the game was still really $$$$ and Gust doesn't exactly have a great track record when they try something for the first time... So she decided that it wasn't a good day one purchase, and it would be better to wait and see how the game is received. And as it turns out, it's not a great game. In fact, it seems like the general consensus is similar to the first Kuzunoha Raidou game...basically, nice idea, nice try, but better luck for the sequel because the execution is poor. I could see paying domestic prices for it, but not import prices...maybe. Well, it's really up to Lauren, as she has kind of inherited the Atelier series from me.

Oh! Will they ever make a game better than Atelier Viorate? That game was pretty damn hard, though...
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Seems like it's going to rain soon. Seems like it's going to be raining for the entirety of next week. =_=

I had to take some time off from writing because of a lot of commissions I had lined up, but now that I'm almost finished, I managed to get some work on Chapter 15 done. The great thing about having your story be over 300 pages long is that you keep needing to check back with earlier chapters to make sure you don't contradict anything. ^^;;;

Lauren and I watched a bunch of DVRed movies this week. We saw Dr. Coppelius, Wait Until Dark, and just last night, we watched Suspicion. Dr. Coppelius was...odd. I probably liked Wait Until Dark the best of the three...though Alan Arkin's hairstyle was really silly. The ending to Suspicion was a little too contrived...studio politics and all(RKO didn't want Cary Grant to wind up like his character in the book, since he was so popular with moviegoers).

Several of my daylily seeds have sprouted(one actually sprouted in the seed pod, ha ha!) So I have one Siloam Virginia Henson X Entrapment, and 2 Siloam Virginia Henson X Gentle Shepherd sprouts. I don't want to put them outside, so they'll spend the winter in my unheated foyer. ^^;;; Maybe I should have waited until spring for the second batch. I just have so many seeds! I'd love to know what manner of creature made off with 3 seed pods worth of Siloam Virginia Henson X Little Heavenly Angel! I'll have to redo the cross next year! >_<

Daring Deception is so fertile, it tries to cross with itself. ^^;;; It's a shame Cedar Waxwing didn't seem to want to produce viable seeds. I'm not sure if it's because we were in the middle of a heat wave, or maybe Cedar Waxwing is just not a good pod parent, because the few seed pods that formed dropped off prematurely. I managed to get 5 seeds using Cedar Waxwing as a pollen parent and Daring Deception as a pod parent, and I hope they germinate!

It looks like Ao no Kiseki got straight 8s from Famitsu. It must be an awesome game...there's no love lost between Famitsu and Falcom!


Aug. 11th, 2011 07:59 pm
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I finally, finally finished editing Chapter 14. It took me a couple of months to finish! I gave it to Lauren to read, and she actually said it was good...for a change! (Chapter 12 was a bit of a mess, ha ha!) I'm not anticipating Chapter 15 being this much of a problem. I had some ambivalence about what to do with certain characters, both in this book and the sequel, but Lauren gave me some good ideas. Finishing this book by the end of the year might be a bit of a stretch, but I'm going to try my best.
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I revised exactly one page of Chapter 14. Brilliant!

I also started my first knitting project in over 6 months. I decided to use a ball of orange Kidsilk Haze to make Lauren a lovely lace scarf, but I screwed it up 17 rows in and decided to make it out of some royal blue Karabella Cashmere yarn instead. I'll get back to the Kidsilk Haze later...

Lauren and I finished watching Ordet last night. I thought it was a pretty decent movie but it would have been a lot shorter if the characters didn't take so long to walk from one side of the room to the other.

Lauren gifted me with a paid Flickr account, and I can't even enjoy it because Flickr is down so much. I guess I should just take lots of pictures and upload later.

I also reread The Summer Book and found myself liking it quite a bit more than I had the first time I read it. Tove Jansson was such a genius--I can really sympathize with her outlook on the world, which possibly says some not-so-nice things about me, ha ha!
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I think my angerrage over the events of this past couple of days have made me too negative. Let's positive thinking!

I edited two paragraphs of Chapter 14...I'm a little distracted. ^^;;;;

I also finished my latest reroot project--2nd Mia. She had been sitting on my shelf with frizzed-out brown hair for so long. I couldn't find a hair color that suited her dark green eyes and generously applied blush. I finally dragged up the hair I had originally planned on using for Lemonhime and it looked surprisingly great! I'll probably be able to post pictures of her tomorrow or the next day, depending on when her hair dries.

I hope I enjoy these next few rerooting projects, because I'll probably never buy another doll again, ha ha! I remember being so obsessed with getting the new version of Lycee...now, money aside, there's something not quite right about her. Her pupils are too large. She looks stoned. Maybe 2nd Lycee will be cuter, but I really need to not spend money.
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I started noticing weird little circular scars on both my Anne and Caroline raspberries a few weeks ago, and the tops of the canes were dying...I thought they might have the funk, since it's been very wet and humid, but apparently, they have cane borers! I had to lop the tops off and put them in the garbage. A lot of sources tell you to kill them with fire, but I'm not quite ready to start a bonfire in my backyard. I hope nobody notices that we're using up a lot of garbage bags...

I actually saw two cane borers mating on Nikko Blue. I had no idea what the bastards were then. I hope they don't mind me destroying their offspring!

In other news, I'm almost done with Chapter 14 of my book. I wound up having to completely change the end, and cut out one scene, move it to Chapter 15, and change the characters involved.
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...is type with this hand. I'm okay for short spurts, but I tried typing up Chapter 12 of my story and it hurt like hell... I wonder why it is that typing in LJ doesn't hurt my finger, but typing up my story does?

It's too bad, I was hoping I could finish this book by April. I have about 3 chapters to go. Then it's on to the second one!

We finally finished watching the Cannon Movie Tales version of Snow White. In general, the Cannon Movie Tales are a mixed bag, but Snow White was a real hoot, mainly because of Diana Rigg as the wicked queen. So far, we've seen:

1. Hansel and Gretel: Decent, if you don't mind being forced to look at Cloris Leachman's boobs.
2. Puss in Boots: Mediocre, but worth it just to see a cat turn into Christopher Walken.
3. The Frog Prince: Mediocre.
4. The Emperor's New Clothes: Terrible.
5. Red Riding Hood: Mediocre, bad casting, and Isabella Rossellini has a terrible singing voice.
5. Sleeping Beauty: Terrible.
6. Snow White: A hoot. The best one so far.

Now, what do I watch tonight...something artistic and pretentious or The Legend of Billie Jean?

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