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Anybody ever have this happen before with own root roses?

We got a bunch of David Austin roses from Chamblee's(the ones they actually remembered to send). I understand that Chamblee's often puts multiple cuttings of the same rose in one pot, but something very weird is going on here! Among others, we got Tamora, Ambridge Rose, and Heritage. The first to bloom was Tamora, then Heritage. All was well. Then Tamora bloomed again, producing a flower that looked an awful lot like Ambridge Rose! On close inspection, the middle cutting looked like the foliage was slightly larger...

Then Ambridge Rose, which I planted at the front of a border because of its size, popped its first flower and it looked just like Heritage! I was pissed! Why do we need two Heritages? Heritage is not small! One side of the rose grew strangely tall and leggy. Then it popped another flower that looked like Ambridge Rose. All was well. Then it bloomed again today on the leggy side and looked like Heritage!

Tamora has also bloomed again, producing two Tamoras and one Ambridge Rose. LOL...

I wonder what is going to happen to these roses...Chamblee's has a policy that they'll only replace roses after 30 days, which is tough if they take longer than that to bloom. I hope they don't have a fight to the death or something...

Also, I think my Griff's Red is really Don Juan, because it is now taller than I am.
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I need Chinese tree peony "Red Lotus" right away. If I don't have it, I will perish. Why is life so rough for peony collectors? I'm sure that collectors of other plants don't have to deal with never being able to get the plant of their dreams because it costs close to 200-freaking dollars!


::revives:: I'm going to have a rerooted Frankie up for sale soon. She has the same hairstyle as my green-haired Frankie, except her hair is mostly blue. I just finished rerooting her yesterday. I'm planning on doing a Draculaura and a Nefera for sale eventually. But right now, I'm drilling holes in a Fashion Royalty doll's head, LOL.
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I finished the Dead Tired Cleo I was rerooting to sell, and undid her braids, and...I can't do it. I can't sell her. She's too beautiful. And I don't have a single pretty Cleo!

I guess I should stick to commissions, huh? ;_; Because this always happens. Too bad, I really needed the money. I feel like a damn fool!

It can't be helped...I made the mistake of showing her to my mother, and she just went out and said, "Isn't there something else you can sell instead?"


Apr. 5th, 2012 08:05 pm
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I'm not freezing, but I'm getting pretty aggravated, having to do spring freeze protection every couple of days on my plants. -_-;;;; Everything's a month ahead of schedule, and I'm particularly concerned about my Chinese tree peonies. They got botrytis big time last year and I was afraid I'd have to cut them down to the ground and lose all the flowers until they recovered, but they're actually spotless this year. Blue Butterfly has 12 enormous flower buds, and Green on White Jade Tower(which just looks like Phoenix White to me) has 13. Flying Swallow in a Red Dress will likely not bloom. I have them all trussed up with garbage bags wrapped around their branches. ^^;;; I had a brief moment of panic when Blue Butterfly froze solid in spite of my protection, but it looked better after the stems thawed out. It's 6 years old and probably worth over $600 at this point, and I'd hate to see it suffer freeze damage, after it took so long to get to this size!

As far as my other peonies, I wonder if my 2nd year Bartzella will not bloom. =_= I'm pissed, I paid top dollar for it but I can't see any flower buds! On the other hand, I planted several peonies last year and a few have flower buds. Some are quite large. From what I can see, Buckeye Belle and Salmon Dream will likely give us flowers. First Arrival, Coral Sunset, and Lorelei might. As far as Minnie Shaylor goes...it hasn't come up yet. ^^;;;; I wonder what happened to it? I doubt it's dead!

I finished writing Chapter 18 of my story. Now on to the final chapter! Well...that and the epilogue... I also finished rerooting a rather fierce Ghoulia for my own collection. ^_^ In a few weeks, I will have a rerooted Dead Tired Cleo, Day at the Maul Frankie, and Dead Tired Draculaura for sale. Draculaura will have to have her lips repainted, just like the other one, due to factory damage. =_=;;; I'm doing Cleo's hair in Restoredoll Tempest Red, and Frankie's in Dollyhair Lagoon Blue. Not sure about Draculaura, as I don't have her hair yet, but probably Restoredoll Ruby Tuesday.
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Not only is there some kind of wild animal in our house that's been stealing Lucas's food and currently making a racket in our living room wall, but I somehow managed to hit myself in the face with a magazine and give myself a fat, bloody lip. Boo.

If it weren't for the iced lemon cookies waiting for me, I'd kill myself right now.
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Not only do my tree peonies have the funk, but as I was making dinner tonight, what did I see squirting out of a hole in my backyard? Not one, not two, but SEVEN skunks. A mother skunk and her little babies. I had to stay inside for the rest of the night as they circled the perimeter of my house, squealing like little piggies, searching for whatever it is that skunks eat. I usually like to work in the yard after dinner to destress, but it looks like I won't be doing that anymore! No more relaxing walks around the yard right before the sun sets, because there's a family of skunks living in the hill behind my house, and they seem to think they own the place!
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Thanks to this nasty weather that is not going to end until at least Saturday, both of my Chinese tree peonies have peony measles... =_=;;;; The fungicide hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I don't think they'll die(they better not!), but the thought of losing this year's growth is really upsetting me. If they die, I don't know what I'll do... ;_;

Bartzella, however, looks as fresh as a daisy! Anybody who said that intersectional peonies are just a fad and a ripoff needs to have a look at my yard! Practically everything has some degree of funk, but Bartzella is as pristine and green as ever!

I'm trying to console myself by dipping into my PSP backlog and playing Tengai Makyou: the 4th Apocalypse. The battle system is nothing to write home about(and I'm not too fond of all of my party members sharing MP), but story-wise, this is the most messed-up game I've ever played. There is literally something in there to offend every ethnic group and subculture. I just finished fighting this character who basically looks like an evil version of Miss Piggy, and before the battle she sings this song about the virtues of being really, really fat. And she's voiced by the (late) actress who played Rita Repulsa(not her dubbed voice) in the Japanese version of Power Rangers. There are bad Native American stereotypes, bad Chinese stereotypes, constant talk about the evil white man and a 15 year old pop tart in her skivvies doing a bunch of high kicks in front of small children while singing a song where she invites them to "lick her candy". (Her name is Candy, by the way). This is probably the most un-PC game I've ever played and I'm surprised it got an A rating...it would never see the light of day in the USA...::laughs:: Well, it's a lot more fun than the loli crap that comes out these days.

I also tried to watch the musical Camelot but quit about 40 minutes in because it was too awful. I don't know how Richard Harris lived with himself after that one.


Jun. 2nd, 2011 05:03 pm
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My severe weather phobia hit a fever pitch starting about five days ago when I read in the extended SPC forecast that the Northeast was going to have a severe weather event with a possible EML on Wednesday. For those of you who don't know what that means(may it strike fear in your hearts!), basically a plume of extremely dry mid-level air from those places where they get horrible tornadoes all the time blows in our direction, making it so we get ridiculous levels of instability that we normally don't see in this part of the country. (EML stands for "elevated mixed layer".) They're not exactly common, but an EML was responsible for the EF-4 tornado that did major damage to the town just to the south of my hometown in 1989, plus the only time the SPC ever put the Northeast in a "high" risk for severe thunderstorms in 1998, and the Worchester tornado in 1953, and Joplin tornado, and so on... I freaked out basically for five days, culminating in a complete inability to sleep... I mean, I can convince myself that I'm making a big deal over nothing most of the time, but when you have something like that on the horizon?

And now look what happened in Massachusetts. =_= Granted, the models all showed the bad tornado parameters mysteriously disappearing as soon as the storms passed Litchfield County, but I don't think anybody was really prepared for what happened to the north of us. It's like the Hamden tornado all over again, but to the north. I can only hope it's another 20+ years before anything like that happens again...it's amazing how damage a tornado outbreak can do in a state like MA...no wonder they list it as the state with the #2 highest risk from tornadoes, right under Indiana...and CT is #13 or something...

I also reread The Neverending Story in two days. It really is an amazing book.
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Maaaaan...I wonder how sore I'm going to be tomorrow. I was surprisingly not sore today.

My work in the garden for today:

1. I pulled out the nasty clump of orange daylilies from the side of the house. First I had to cut down all the foliage, then hack at the mess with a rake until it loosened up enough for me to pull it out in clumps. This took about an hour.

2. I pulled out the nasty clump of orange daylilies from the other side of the house, and ripped up a bunch of oregano and strawberries. This took about a half an hour.

3. I helped Lauren plant cosmos and sunflowers in the dug-out areas. This took around 20 minutes.

4. I deadheaded the yellow lilac and my tree peonies, making sure not to cross-contaminate. This took about 5 minutes.

5. I fertilized the yellow lilac, my two tree peonies, and the first clump of Japanese irises we planted. This took about 15 minutes.

I wish I had more time to get some writing done. I've only written about 10 pages of Chapter 14. I told myself that once I finish rerooting Lauren's Himeno, I won't touch another doll until Chapter 14 is done.


Jan. 27th, 2011 04:25 pm
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I was expecting a good amount of snow to shovel today, but nothing like this. The snow drifts are so high that I can't even see over them. The guy next door measured them--seven feet. Our driveway was completely plowed in, and we're talking about a good 4 ft. wall of snow. No place to put it. I almost broke down crying. I actually had to pick up snow boulders by hand and throw them as far as I could into our yard to get them out of the way. The driveway was also plowed in to about 4 ft.

Lauren and I were out there for about an hour before our neighbor showed up with his snowblower. They needed two people with snowblowers to get through the sidewalk snow.

I know it's going to snow again next week. I don't know how we're going to deal with it. The snow is so high that my 10 ft. mockorange is half-gone.
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Cook's Illustrated's Oatmeal Snack Cake with Broiled Icing is fabulous.

I just finished Chapter 2 of Sora no Kiseki SC last night. It ended with an awesome boss battle fighting a bunch of giant worms and I died like 6 times, mainly because Tita was a fixed party member and she gets killed in like 2 hits. Her 1,500 HP healing Craft is useful, but all in all, she's not very good, and I can't stand her because she's an insipid loli. All the characters do is gush over how cute she is, and her voice is really aggravating. What real-life 12-year-old sounds and acts like that? I suppose I shouldn't be singling her out, as it's prevalent in pretty much all manga, anime, and Japanese video games to have 12-year-olds act like 8-year-olds. It's just a sickening fetish. Reminds me of all those fanboys who are into Sasami.

::waits for the rage-filled responses of the diehard lovers of fictional underage girls::

I actually finished rerooting Anzu, my blue-haired Wicked Style III Aika, last week, but she doesn't have any clothes. ;_; Neither does Clarisse, my soon-to-be finished rerooted Maya. Too bad...
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...is type with this hand. I'm okay for short spurts, but I tried typing up Chapter 12 of my story and it hurt like hell... I wonder why it is that typing in LJ doesn't hurt my finger, but typing up my story does?

It's too bad, I was hoping I could finish this book by April. I have about 3 chapters to go. Then it's on to the second one!

We finally finished watching the Cannon Movie Tales version of Snow White. In general, the Cannon Movie Tales are a mixed bag, but Snow White was a real hoot, mainly because of Diana Rigg as the wicked queen. So far, we've seen:

1. Hansel and Gretel: Decent, if you don't mind being forced to look at Cloris Leachman's boobs.
2. Puss in Boots: Mediocre, but worth it just to see a cat turn into Christopher Walken.
3. The Frog Prince: Mediocre.
4. The Emperor's New Clothes: Terrible.
5. Red Riding Hood: Mediocre, bad casting, and Isabella Rossellini has a terrible singing voice.
5. Sleeping Beauty: Terrible.
6. Snow White: A hoot. The best one so far.

Now, what do I watch tonight...something artistic and pretentious or The Legend of Billie Jean?
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Is this ever going to end?

I feel like I'm cracking up. I had like two days off after Earl and now we have to deal with Igor. And that stupid Joe Bastardi crowing about the long range Euro model with the storm poised to hit New England as a Cat. 5...and saying that if Igor doesn't get us, the next storm will...

Why can't I have a break? Why can't I go through a single day without a knot in my stomach? I have all this work to do and I can barely handle any of it. I honestly thought we'd be okay with Igor, since all the models had it passing east of Bermuda, and now this...

Oh! And there's going to be another one right after this! What's that, four hurricanes in a row?
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Like any good severe weather phobic, I use the NWS homepage to get my weather information. Since they're funded by taxpayers' dollars and don't have to resort to deliberately scaring the hell out of people to get ratings/subscriptions, I can read their forecast discussions and get an honest, logical assessment of what's going on with the weather, why, and what factors figure into each severe weather event so I can decide whether or not I really should hit myself over the head and knock myself unconscious when severe weather threatens. The person(or people) who does the write-up for Upton, NY is pretty realistic and literate(some of the forecast discussions I've read for other areas are written entirely in shorthand and make no sense). Sometimes, what my area forecast discussion says and what the Storm Prediction Center says don't seem to jive. I know they have to communicate with each other, but I'm completely speechless about the events of the past two days. Today, in particular...I seriously had to contemplate shutting myself in my basement all day/consider what my house would look like without a roof, because the SPC was predicting a mega epic historic severe weather outbreak in CT with a moderate risk! And 45% wind! And 10% tornadoes(complete with a special hatched area right over CT to single us out for especially destructive tornadoes) And talk of a PDS tornado watch! And what happened?


I got 3 minutes of gentle rain. In that entire mega-high risk might as well be a PDS tornado watch with the probabilities they gave us(90% risk of 5 or more EF-0 to EF-2, 50% risk of one or more mega-tornadoes), CT got 1 tornado warning, on a supercell that was tornadic for like 2 radar frames. I don't even think the funnel cloud touched down. I think there were like 3 warnings in that entire watch, and only one possible verification. As for the rare 45% wind? There were about 40 or so wind reports, none over 60 mph, none in the 45% area! They were all to the west of the moderate risk area!

To top things off, yesterday they put almost all of New England north of southern CT under tornado watch for no reason!

I really need a drink. I find knowing the facts about severe weather helps my phobia, but I hate having to scrounge weather reports off of message boards where people want a massive tornado to destroy their home state and will talk it up as much as possible. And don't get me started on The Weather Channel and Accuweather--they seem to derive sexual gratification from telling people that they're going to have their lives ruined by a mile-wide tornado.
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Anybody want to give me $500?

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