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Here's a nice neutral post.

I play a lot of Megaten games(which I'm sure you all know by now) and most of 'em don't provide a default name for the main character. I have terrible naming sense, but since I play the Japanese version, the input screen has a handy kanji option to help jog my imagination. Read::everybody's gonna be named Nanjo something or other. ::laughs:: Well, I actually am one of those rare people who manages to embarrass herself just by choosing a character name, and it gets thrown back at me every time I play...

Persona was easy--I just named the main character after the one in the Persona manga. In Nocturne, I really had no idea, so I gave the dude the surname Nanjo after my favorite character in Persona, which is kind of stupid because he obviously isn't Nanjo, but he was going to have a different first name, so it was okay, right? I was on a Samurai Troopers kick, so I gave him the first name Shuten, after Shutendouji(whose name was misspelled in the Bandai subtitles FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES). So in kanji, that's 南条朱天. And that's all right. Though the ONE time my character was called by his surname by another character(and that was only once) I kinda forgot what I named him, so I was like, "Who? I think you have the wrong game!"

Since I have no imagination, I decided to give the main character from Soul Hackers the same name. Since your character is a hacker, you have to supply his first and last name, and a handle name for him. So, Nanjo Shuten again, and his handle is Tsubasa(I really have no imagination!) Problem is, either they didn't have the proper kanji, or I just missed it(I'm not claiming to be able to read all of those, ha ha!), but...I misspelled his first name. I used 失 instead of 朱. I thought I'd be able to get over it, but it's almost like the kanji I chose was saying that the guy was a loser(it's the kanji for "lose" instead of the one for "crimson",so...) Ah ha ha...I hoped the other characters would just call him by his handle and I'd be able to forget about it, and for the most part they did, but EVERY TIME you log into Paradym X(the virtual reality world) in the game, they cut to a portrait of Nemissa saying, "Let's go, (fill in character's first name) in BIG font. I kept trying to block the screen with my body so Lauren wouldn't get a view and see that I messed up the main guy's name. How embarrassing! I hope I can fix it on my next playthrough.

This last one's classic, though. Before I got Kuzunoha Raidou I was browsing through the wealth of knowledge and maturity that is 2ch, and somebody said that it's no fun naming Raidou because you already know what his name is supposed to be. Never listen to people on 2ch! I knew Raidou was supposed to be an inherited name but I didn't realize that they're trying to make you choose his REAL name at the beginning of the game! I wondered why the heck they didn't have the proper kanji for Kuzunoha in the list! I thought they were just being mean, but they must've been trying to stop me from naming him Kuzunoha Raidou! So, stupid me, I just wrote Kuzunoha Raidou in hiragana and I got treated to lines like, "This is it for you, Kuzunoha Raidou! Or should I say...Kuzunoha Raidou?"

My next main character is totally getting named Chinchin.

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