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I revised exactly one page of Chapter 14. Brilliant!

I also started my first knitting project in over 6 months. I decided to use a ball of orange Kidsilk Haze to make Lauren a lovely lace scarf, but I screwed it up 17 rows in and decided to make it out of some royal blue Karabella Cashmere yarn instead. I'll get back to the Kidsilk Haze later...

Lauren and I finished watching Ordet last night. I thought it was a pretty decent movie but it would have been a lot shorter if the characters didn't take so long to walk from one side of the room to the other.

Lauren gifted me with a paid Flickr account, and I can't even enjoy it because Flickr is down so much. I guess I should just take lots of pictures and upload later.

I also reread The Summer Book and found myself liking it quite a bit more than I had the first time I read it. Tove Jansson was such a genius--I can really sympathize with her outlook on the world, which possibly says some not-so-nice things about me, ha ha!


Sep. 26th, 2010 12:35 pm
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I just finished reading The King's Fifth by Scott O'Dell. I heard that the anime series The Mysterious Cities of Gold was loosely based off of it--I barely remember the show, but I don't recall liking it very much. ^^;;; I actually liked The King's Fifth quite a bit, in particular the portrayal of Zia. It's refreshing to find a book where the female lead is neither a hand-clasping damsel nor a Xena, Warrior Princess wannabe, but from what I've been reading about The Mysterious Cities of Gold anime they couldn't resist making her into a frequently kidnapped damsel. I can imagine that the kiddies would find The King's Fifth to be boring, as it's historical fiction and definitely not fantasy, but I'm not a kiddie, so I liked it.

I finally finished the rooting part of all my rerooting commissions. I just need to cut the hair on one of the dolls and give the other two a style and a trim. I've been delaying one of the heads because my brother ran off with the styling gel I typically use for my work and it's too expensive to buy another tube, ha ha! I should have it back by today.

My writing has been coming along a little too slowly. I need to stop thinking about writing and actually do it.

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