Jul. 6th, 2013 04:01 pm
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One of my daylily babies, the ones I hybridized two years ago, finally has a scape. It'll probably bloom for the first time in a few days. I'm dying to know what it looks like! I can't remember which one it is, but I have a feeling it's one of the Entrapment crosses...the unopened bud looks an awful lot like Entrapment. So it's either Siloam Virginia Henson x Entrapment or Gentle Shepherd x Entrapment.

I didn't do any crosses last year because the daylilies that set seed the year before seemed like they were suffering a bit from having babies too young, and my tetraploid daylilies seemed like they were having a hard time getting established, so I didn't want to tax them too much. Since Siloam Double Classic x Rosey Returns did not seem like an appealing cross I decided to stay my hand for a year. This year I'm attempting Siloam Double Classic x Entrapment, Joylene Nichole x Entrapment and Luxury Lace x Entrapment. The more violet diploids the better, right? I know a lot of people ignore the diploids but I find the colors more pure and appealing, and there's nothing like waiting for a seed pod to mature and getting 8 seeds per pod as opposed to 2 1/2. Some of the tetraploids I have don't seem to be very fertile...while the only questionably attractive but valuable in hybridizing Daring Deception will cross with anything, including itself, Cedar Waxwing is not very fertile and Limoges Porcelain also produced aborted seed pods. I finally managed to get a white tetraploid and I'd like to use that...maybe cross with Ed Brown or Cedar Waxwing?

Lauren's been hosing down the daylilies with Liquid Fence, I hope the rabbits leave my little one alone so it can bloom for the first time...
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I did manage to find some time to play in between commissions, LOL. I just finished the 3DS version of EX Troopers, and enjoyed the game very much even though it is very easy. I started up the PSP version of Persona 2: Innocent Sin that I bought months ago along with its sequel(both the JP version). I actually played both games many, many years ago, and even though I preferred Eternal Punishment due to Innocent Sin's comparatively clunkier game system and annoying cast, I really wanted a version of Innocent Sin that didn't freeze every 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the PSP version still has horrible loading times, and the game just did not age well. I think Soul Hackers actually aged better, in spite of being the older game...
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Roses that get blackspot in my SNE garden:

1. Floribunda Rose "Moondance"--major blackspot, early season
2. Miniature Rose "Cupcake"--moderate blackspot, early season
3. Hybrid Musk Rose "Bouquet Parfait"--moderate blackspot, late season
4. Paul Barden Rose "Hettie"--minor blackspot, late season

Roses that get leafspot in my SNE garden:

1. Griffith Buck Rose "Silver Shadows"--minor leafspot, very sporadic
2. Polyantha Rose "Margo Koster"--minor leafspot, early season

Roses that get powdery mildew in my SNE garden:


The chief culprits:

1. Paul Barden Hybrid Gallica "Marianne"--a little here and there.
2. Griffith Buck Rose "Prairie Harvest"--was almost completely defoliated last year, this year so far so good.
3. Gallica Rose "Charles de Mills"--Terrible PM, the plant actually died(granted, it was a tiny cutting, but...)
4. Moss Rose "Capitaine John Ingram"--a little less than Marianne.

Most of the Austins have had minor incidents with PM.

Disease-free so far:

1. Griffith Buck Roses "Polonaise", "Quietness", "Winter Sunset", "Prairie Star", "Folksinger"
2. Paul Barden Roses "Rook", "Allegra", "Gallicandy" and "Umbra". Of these, Gallicandy is the healthiest. Umbra is a good grower but gets the James Mason-esque ugly cruddy Gallica foliage, Allegra is tiny but still wants to bloom. Rook seems to be a slow grower but healthy.
3. Moss Rose/Centifolia "Crested Moss"
4. Hybrid Musk Rose "Aptos". But is it really Aptos?

I'm probably missing a lot here..of the new roses this year, Paloma Blanca is absolutely gorgeous when the flowers don't ball, Princess Alexandra of Kent has big glorious flowers but got a little PM, and Claire Austin is preparing a huge first flush...people keep griping about it, but so far so good.
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This is what happens if you take good care of your plants! This lilac did not thrive at all in its first 5 years or so, but I decided to give it a year of careful nursing to see it it was worth saving and it finally paid off! I know there is absolutely no reason why lilacs shouldn't thrive in CT(since we have a 60+year old lilac hedge at the border of our property) and there is nothing wrong with this cultivar, so I guess I just should have babied it more while it was it's a little taller than I am(which is not too hard, but still...)

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I was going to put off having her repainted because of many unexpected expenses last month, but the stress got to me so I decided to treat myself. I rerooted this Dance Class Howleen in Dollyhair Mermaid nylon hair and sent her to Angel of No Nap Time to have her repainted. She also gave me this cute little crocheted romper for Momoka!

I named her Momoka because her hair color matches my favorite dead My Little Pony Peach Blossom, whose wings I accidentally broke off as a small child. For accuracy's sake, I guess I should have asked for violet eyes, but I'm not a huge fan of the blue hair/violet eyes combination, so I had them done in green instead.

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Though it's obviously not the same fiber, Restoredoll Dakota Turquoise Nylatex hair is an exact color match for Dollyhair Atomic Turquoise nylon hair.

Still trying to pinpoint a safe water temperature to boil perm definitely holds a curl, but I'm tentatively saying 180 degrees is the hottest water it can tolerate, and I will try how it curls at 170.
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Lorelei is back! by tsubasa_ozora.rm
Lorelei is back!, a photo by tsubasa_ozora.rm on Flickr.

Isn't she pretty! I sent her to Angel of No Nap Time to repaint(she also did Marceline, Mariko, and my purple-haired Skull Shores Frankie for me) I think she turned out great!

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Not Hatsune Miku. Honest.

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I took this quick picture of my latest reroot prior to packing her up to send to Angel of No Nap Time so I'd have something to do in my blog other than complain.

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I caved into temptation and bought an order of Dollyhair nylon hair in Mermaid, in spite of my previous bad impression of nylon hair. I'm starting to realize that nylon hair varies widely in texture and ease of use depending on the color. Poison Ivy and Black Magick were both very shiny, slippery and staticky, Mermaid is a little staticky, not as shiny(though it is not a matte color) and feels a little stiffer, almost like a softer version of Restoredoll Nylatex. Also, unlike the previous two colors I mentioned, it doesn't untie itself when tied into knots. Interesting. I rooted a few strands into a blank head and am waiting to see if it stains. I've learned from experience that with any hair fiber that isn't saran, one can never be too careful. So far, so good. It doesn't look like it's staining. If everything works out I have a Howleen with horrible eye-wonk that I'd like to use it on. I think Mermaid and light green eyes would be lovely.

I really hope it works out! Peach Blossom was my favorite My Little Pony as a child(even though I broke her wings) and I've been dying to find a match for her hair color. Unfortunately, all the light blue/green saran colors are matte and the hair color used on that blue-haired Ellie does not seem to be available as rooting hair.

On the commission front, I'm waiting on the base heads. I think I will have an Operetta showing up soon.
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I'm putting the finishing touches on my rerooted Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona while I'm waiting for some commission materials to show up. Her hair color is really interesting. It's a three color blend of Restoredoll Azure Blue, Ever Green and Sapphire Blue, but from far away it looks solid teal. After I'm done with her I'd like to take a break from pigtails for a while!

We're just at the beginning of the 2nd G-Gundam box set. I almost died from laughter over the whole "Super Asia" scene. Also, we had been waiting so long to hear Wong's Japanese voice, as he is played by the same seiyuu who played Wakabayashi in the original Captain Tsubasa series and is kind of infamous for being a not very great actor. He actually sounded even sillier than I expected. He spent half the time talking in this weird, quasi-drag queen voice, and the other half just sounding like Wakabayashi, and I don't even think it was intentional, literally sounded like he lost his place and forgot who he was playing.

Zeus Gundam is awesome, though! I was highly offended by the stupidity of Cobra Gundam(I could think of a million more interesting and cooler ways to represent Neo-India, even as a joke), but a chariot-riding Gundam who looks like Zeus? And the pilot looks just like the Gundam? Maybe Cobra Gundam was supposed to be some sort of Samurai Troopers homage, seeing as the decidedly green snakeman pilot shared a seiyuu with a decidedly green snakeman villain from said show...
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She's my latest completed doll. I put her on Etsy...

Her hair is actually a mixture of what was left of Princess Bubblegum's hair, leftovers from Lauren's rerooted Secret Wonderland Chiika, and some Hot Pink and Ruby Tuesday hair I had lying around. Being Dead Tired Frankie, her lips were all gloopy so I wiped them and had Lauren repaint them.

In anticipation of doing some commissions with nylon hair, I stopped at Michael's and got some Fabric-Tac to reinforce my knots. Damn, that stuff is expensive! I hadn't anticipated it being so high.

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Here's the Skull Shores Ghoulia I rerooted with Restoredoll Fantasy Forest Green Nylatex hair. We had been using her for painting practice(touching up damaged paint and all...) and I was worried that her face was stained so I wiped it before rerooting her. It took me a few tries to figure out the best way to set her hair so it wasn't standing straight up. I guess I would try this hair again. Maybe the purple color? It sure is cheap enough!

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I don't know if you can really consider this a nightmare, as it was really just annoying, but I actually had a nightmare about my recyclables not being picked up today! For some reason, this little round robot was zooming up and down the street, zapping our recyclables away, and because I had forgotten to bring the cans out, I asked my mother to do it, and she stacked them all up in a pyramid, with our big recycling bin on the top, so the little robot couldn't grab it with its robot arm! I was running down the street, chasing after the robot, screaming, "I can't go for another two weeks like this!", and then I woke up.

I think we might need another bin.
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My poor faceless Ghoulia's hair is finally set. She just needs a trim. Since Nylatex is not as heat tolerant as saran, I had to change my technique to set the hair. Rather than simmering the head, I brought a pot of water to a boil, took it off the heat and let it sit on the counter for two minutes, and held Ghoulia's head, stuck on the end of a chopstick with a plastic sleeve over her hair to hold it in place, under the water for about five minutes, then dunked it in a bowl of ice water. It seems to have done the trick.

I have a feeling that I'll be the one to take the first pictures of all these Nylatex hair colors, LOL. The ones I'm interested in are Dakota Turquoise, Royal Purple, and Coral Dream. Obviously, I will testing all these colors for staining before trying them out on a doll, but Fantasy Forest Green does not stain.
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I finished rerooting my Ghoulia and set her hair today. Her hair's not dry, but here are my latest comments on the Restoredoll Nylatex hair.

It's pretty.
It comes in a variety of colors not available in saran(dark pine green, aqua, eggplant purple, etc)
It's easier to work with than nylon using the needle-knot method, ie: it doesn't try to untie itself unless you make the plugs very big.
It's really, really, really cheap. Alarmingly cheap. One $5 package was more than enough to reroot my Ghoulia.
Doesn't stain as far as I can see.

It's not as easy to style as nylon. If you use water that's too hot(as in boiling) it will damage the coating on the hair. I had to boil water, let it sit for several minutes, and pour it over the head to set it. If you treat it like saran you will ruin it. It's best treated as kanekalon.
It looks better than it feels, the texture is a bit stiff. However, it does feel nicer than most MH dolls' default hair, and it feels nicer than the drier colors of saran, like Pinky Pinky and Nitro Lime.
It's slightly prone to tangling in the package, and the hank of hair is a little big for the package, so it's kind of messy to take out and put back.

Would I use it instead of saran? Not if I had a choice. However, it's a great buy and I don't regret having tried it. At least not yet. ^^;;
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I'm almost done rerooting my Ghoulia with Fantasy Forest Green Nylatex hair. After some more research, more questions about the hair have popped up.

First of all, the name Nylatex may not have anything to do with the content, was it put out by Nyla Textiles(which is a fiber/knitting company from the UK)?

Second, I think the coating on the hair is polyurethane, and it's supposed to weatherproof it, make it less vulnerable to sunlight, first glance, boiling water didn't seem to affect it, but now that I look at it, it changed the color! Avoid avoid avoid boiling water! I'm going to have to do some more tests to see how steam affects it!

Well, it's not like I hadn't been warned... ^^;;;
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I've thrown my hands up and given up on using a rooting thread. It's too much of a pain. I wonder if the problem I've been having with glue coming out of the rooting holes when I have no choice but to glue my knots(like when I'm using nylon) would be remedied if I used a glue not soluble in water, as it seeps out during the setting process.

I've started rerooting a formerly junk Ghoulia with the Nylatex Fantasy Forest Green hair. The hair seems colorfast, it's a little stiff out of the package but oddly seems to soften up as you work with it. I still think it feels like Pullip hair. It's not bad hair. Costs half as much as saran and it comes in dark green. I think the hair itself is prettier than DH nylon--the luster is more subdued than the super shiny fake luster the DH nylon has. Fantasy Forest Green is not a matte color, I wonder if any of the colors are matte(I generally don't care for matte/milky colors).

I was reading some patent information on a "new" type of doll hair(I think the patent was abandoned) and it's interesting what the industry refers to as "bad" qualities of certain fibers. Too fine, too shiny, doesn't flow together on the head, bad curl memory...I had always preferred doll hair that wasn't super shiny like nylon because I think it looks more natural and apparently excessive amounts of shine is caused by the hair only reflecting light in one direction and is considered a flaw. And apparently, none of the existing types of hair pass the curl memory test!

It also cast some light on why saran is/was used on so many dolls. I read somewhere that it's because it's cheap, in reality saran is widely used because of its superior fire resistance, making it safer for children's toys. Of course, it will burn, but the idea is that removing the source of fire will cause the hair to stop burning. They have saran listed with a flame resistance similar to that of wool. Nylon, on the other hand, is allegedly as flammable as cotton. I've never tried burning either, but it's interesting to read. I read all this in various patent documentation, searching for the fiber composition of the mysterious Pilot hair(the answer is "none of the above")

I think Nylatex is nylon coated with another material(probably latex) to make it waterproof.

I wonder if the safety standards for kids' toys has been lowered these days?


Dec. 21st, 2012 08:26 pm
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I dunno if I was distracted by stress or what, but I totally almost cleaned my cat's teeth with a glasses cleaning cloth instead of a dental wipe. 0_0
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In the wake of all my commissions, I decided to take the plunge and order myself a package of Restoredoll Nylatex hair in Fantasy Forest Green. I had asked Kathy about how it is to work with compared to saran, and she said it can't withstand heat as much, so I guess I will be steam setting it as well as boiling it... The hair costs about $5 an order, and each order is one XL skein. So it costs around half as much as saran...? It does look like a lot of hair.

Naturally, as soon as it arrived, I had to cut it open and have a look. It's...pretty. Sparkly as opposed to shiny like DH nylon(which I am not using anymore, as Black Magick turned a commissioned doll head chartreuse in spite of its supposed colorfastness and I hate working with it as it is) The texture is a bit stiff but this is good for us needle/knotters out's easier to work with than nylon as it doesn't untie itself when you knot it if you keep the plugs a reasonable size. It feels like it would probably burn so I will be careful when I set the hair. I can't see it replacing saran as my mainstay but it comes in dark green and saran doesn't.

Oddly enough, Nylatex feels a lot like the hair used on Pullips, at least the ones I used to have(Xiao Fan, Nero, and Principessa).
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