Jul. 7th, 2013

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A baby was born! by tsubasa_ozora.rm
A baby was born!, a photo by tsubasa_ozora.rm on Flickr.

It took her two years to bloom, and she's the only one to bloom so far. Her parentage is Siloam Virginia Henson x Entrapment. When she grows up, I may cross her with Gentle Shepherd.

The seed pod that produced her contained at least six other seeds, and I'm growing them all out. Will they be clones of her, or fraternal twins? Anybody know?

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Little Heavenly Angel x Karen Sue
Luxury Lace x Little Heavenly Angel
Ed Brown x Cedar Waxwing
Siloam Double Classic x Entrapment
Joylene Nichole x Entrapment

I wonder if I'm getting ahead of myself...most of these are diploid crosses but I feel like if I attempt to cross my tets I'm going to wind up with a lot of potential fug...lots of ruffled edges and weird colors and things that could go wrong...I guess I should just be brave, huh?

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