Jul. 6th, 2013


Jul. 6th, 2013 04:01 pm
tsubasahome: (custom doll)
One of my daylily babies, the ones I hybridized two years ago, finally has a scape. It'll probably bloom for the first time in a few days. I'm dying to know what it looks like! I can't remember which one it is, but I have a feeling it's one of the Entrapment crosses...the unopened bud looks an awful lot like Entrapment. So it's either Siloam Virginia Henson x Entrapment or Gentle Shepherd x Entrapment.

I didn't do any crosses last year because the daylilies that set seed the year before seemed like they were suffering a bit from having babies too young, and my tetraploid daylilies seemed like they were having a hard time getting established, so I didn't want to tax them too much. Since Siloam Double Classic x Rosey Returns did not seem like an appealing cross I decided to stay my hand for a year. This year I'm attempting Siloam Double Classic x Entrapment, Joylene Nichole x Entrapment and Luxury Lace x Entrapment. The more violet diploids the better, right? I know a lot of people ignore the diploids but I find the colors more pure and appealing, and there's nothing like waiting for a seed pod to mature and getting 8 seeds per pod as opposed to 2 1/2. Some of the tetraploids I have don't seem to be very fertile...while the only questionably attractive but valuable in hybridizing Daring Deception will cross with anything, including itself, Cedar Waxwing is not very fertile and Limoges Porcelain also produced aborted seed pods. I finally managed to get a white tetraploid and I'd like to use that...maybe cross with Ed Brown or Cedar Waxwing?

Lauren's been hosing down the daylilies with Liquid Fence, I hope the rabbits leave my little one alone so it can bloom for the first time...

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