May. 23rd, 2013

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Roses that get blackspot in my SNE garden:

1. Floribunda Rose "Moondance"--major blackspot, early season
2. Miniature Rose "Cupcake"--moderate blackspot, early season
3. Hybrid Musk Rose "Bouquet Parfait"--moderate blackspot, late season
4. Paul Barden Rose "Hettie"--minor blackspot, late season

Roses that get leafspot in my SNE garden:

1. Griffith Buck Rose "Silver Shadows"--minor leafspot, very sporadic
2. Polyantha Rose "Margo Koster"--minor leafspot, early season

Roses that get powdery mildew in my SNE garden:


The chief culprits:

1. Paul Barden Hybrid Gallica "Marianne"--a little here and there.
2. Griffith Buck Rose "Prairie Harvest"--was almost completely defoliated last year, this year so far so good.
3. Gallica Rose "Charles de Mills"--Terrible PM, the plant actually died(granted, it was a tiny cutting, but...)
4. Moss Rose "Capitaine John Ingram"--a little less than Marianne.

Most of the Austins have had minor incidents with PM.

Disease-free so far:

1. Griffith Buck Roses "Polonaise", "Quietness", "Winter Sunset", "Prairie Star", "Folksinger"
2. Paul Barden Roses "Rook", "Allegra", "Gallicandy" and "Umbra". Of these, Gallicandy is the healthiest. Umbra is a good grower but gets the James Mason-esque ugly cruddy Gallica foliage, Allegra is tiny but still wants to bloom. Rook seems to be a slow grower but healthy.
3. Moss Rose/Centifolia "Crested Moss"
4. Hybrid Musk Rose "Aptos". But is it really Aptos?

I'm probably missing a lot here..of the new roses this year, Paloma Blanca is absolutely gorgeous when the flowers don't ball, Princess Alexandra of Kent has big glorious flowers but got a little PM, and Claire Austin is preparing a huge first flush...people keep griping about it, but so far so good.
tsubasahome: (custom doll)
I did manage to find some time to play in between commissions, LOL. I just finished the 3DS version of EX Troopers, and enjoyed the game very much even though it is very easy. I started up the PSP version of Persona 2: Innocent Sin that I bought months ago along with its sequel(both the JP version). I actually played both games many, many years ago, and even though I preferred Eternal Punishment due to Innocent Sin's comparatively clunkier game system and annoying cast, I really wanted a version of Innocent Sin that didn't freeze every 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the PSP version still has horrible loading times, and the game just did not age well. I think Soul Hackers actually aged better, in spite of being the older game...

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