Jan. 11th, 2013

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I caved into temptation and bought an order of Dollyhair nylon hair in Mermaid, in spite of my previous bad impression of nylon hair. I'm starting to realize that nylon hair varies widely in texture and ease of use depending on the color. Poison Ivy and Black Magick were both very shiny, slippery and staticky, Mermaid is a little staticky, not as shiny(though it is not a matte color) and feels a little stiffer, almost like a softer version of Restoredoll Nylatex. Also, unlike the previous two colors I mentioned, it doesn't untie itself when tied into knots. Interesting. I rooted a few strands into a blank head and am waiting to see if it stains. I've learned from experience that with any hair fiber that isn't saran, one can never be too careful. So far, so good. It doesn't look like it's staining. If everything works out I have a Howleen with horrible eye-wonk that I'd like to use it on. I think Mermaid and light green eyes would be lovely.

I really hope it works out! Peach Blossom was my favorite My Little Pony as a child(even though I broke her wings) and I've been dying to find a match for her hair color. Unfortunately, all the light blue/green saran colors are matte and the hair color used on that blue-haired Ellie does not seem to be available as rooting hair.

On the commission front, I'm waiting on the base heads. I think I will have an Operetta showing up soon.
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I took this quick picture of my latest reroot prior to packing her up to send to Angel of No Nap Time so I'd have something to do in my blog other than complain.

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