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Nothing like shoveling 8 inches of powdery snow, calling it a day, and going outside the next day to see that your sidewalk got plowed in AGAIN and you have to shovel 3 feet of ice boulders.

Now that I think about it, it was this time last year that we got something ridiculous like 40 inches of snow. All of our cars disappeared in six foot snow drifts. We couldn't even find the sidewalk. It was so bad that the town gave us an entire week to shovel our sidewalks(normally we get fined if they're not clear in 24 hours). Good thing we bought that snow rake...otherwise we'd have to worry about our garage roof collapsing in additional to shoveling tons of snow.

I'm trying to reroot an Apple White doll and I can barely move my fingers. Time for some heavily caffeinated tea!

I've been...ha ha ha...reading a novel based on the Ikki route of the otome game Amnesia. Damn, I had a hard time getting that book. Amazon.co.jp kept selling out of it. Lauren says she wouldn't touch the Shin and Touma books with a ten-foot pole, as she hates both characters and at least one of them belongs in jail. I actually never played the game, LOL. I'll take her word for it! I actually bought the book for her, but started reading it myself. ^^;;;; I heard the anime was really awful.
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