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Animal Crossing is like a disease, I tell you.

1. Cheri, peppy cub. She was the first to give me her picture, mainly because she lives right over the bridge north of my house(in crazy hermit land, as Lauren says) and accosts me when I'm on my way to the post office. She's one of many similarly named villagers(Cheri, Shari, Cherry) but her Japanese name was Acerola, which is a kind of cherry. She likes sporty stuff so I send her all my exercise equipment. I was also stupid enough to send her my lawn sprinkler, not knowing that it isn't reorder-able. I now send her threatening letters telling her to give it back. Like that'll work.

2. Marcel, lazy dog. He was the second to give me his picture. He looks really creepy but there are worse villagers out there. After all, green is my favorite color! Also, he keeps his house all neat and Japanese-style and his favorite furniture is green and traditional, so he's easy to shop for, at least.

3. Fang, (hot) cranky wolf. My first letter to him was full of sexual harassment. He looks very feminine for a manwolf and I like to pretend he is my boyfriend but he's notoriously wall-eyed. Poor Fang. He gave me his picture after he came to me with heartburn and I gave him a perfect apple. His favorite style is formal which is like the worst style to shop for but he also likes the color beige, so I've been outfitting him with recolored ranch and alpine furniture. I hope I don't run out. I also sent him an explorer shirt which he refuses to put on. Fang has horrible fashion sense. He wore a green ducky shirt for weeks and I couldn't stand to look at him. I was considering reporting him to Isabelle but he finally changed it.

4. Aurora, normal penguin. She looks like a cute but bland penguin but she is actually the most terrifying thing I've ever seen...just search for a picture of her surprised face! It's like the thing of nightmares! Like Fang, she has bad taste in furniture and likes formal stuff...her favorite color is pink so I've been giving her lovely furniture(which is all hideous and looks like Barbie furniture)...I just have to remember that she hates gorgeous furniture. God forbid I give her a pink chaise lounge...she'll probably get those glowing red eyes and peck my face off. She gave me her picture after I gave her the lotus lamp right out of my house. Two days later, she gave it back. Normal villagers really aggravate me...

5. Rory, jock lion. This bastard still won't give me his picture. I'm only hanging on to him because I don't like any of the jocks, so anybody I get might be worse than him. At least he has a nice house. His furniture taste overlaps with Marcel's, so I like to cycle gifts between the two of them. I gave him all recolored exotic furniture and his house now looks like a Chinese restaurant.

6. Broffina, snooty chicken. She is one odd bird. She comes with a gorgeous bed, rococo furniture and a whirlpool bath(which she sold to me after a long courtship) but in reality she wants her house to look like a mad scientist's lab. Crazy and black, huh... She keeps making demands on me. I also think she might be a predatory lesbian, as she's constantly making me deliver clothing to other female villagers and spying on them in the bushes to see how they look. Is this a snooty villager thing or what?

7. Shari, uchi monkey. She's my neighbor. I hate her. I hate all monkeys, but this bitch has the nerve to park herself outside my front door and then snipe at me when I try to talk to her. She also keeps making me find her stringfish. I think she thinks we are best friends, but she is sorely mistaken. She still won't give me her picture...I'm only keeping her around because 1)I need a garbage dump for my unwanted fancy furniture and 2)she will just move into Lauren's village, and Lauren will kill me.

8. Marshal, smug squirrel. Marshal is a real prize, since he's a smug villager(which I hate) but he's adorable so I can kind of tolerate him. He has very expensive taste, gorgeous and aqua? And he hates crazy furniture, but his house is full of it! He has(had) a lot of sloppy furniture but I had only managed to nab the sofa before he put it all away. I dunno...Marshal is really cute...but I still have fantasies about killing him. I actually took Lauren's console and did Dream Suite, went to my own town and hit him repeatedly with a bug net, then felt so bad about it that I gave him a recolored rococo lamp. Well...he's a Libra, so he can't be bad at heart, right?(says a fellow Libran, LOL) He gave me his picture pretty early, even though he wasn't part of my original set.

9.Deirdre, uchi deer. Oh God...another uchi. I hate uchi villagers(in the JP fandom they refer to them as "aneki" villagers but if my big sister figure acted like that I wouldn't stay sisters with her for long)...they're supposed to be tomboyish but caring but they get so snotty with you if you talk to them one time too many, or say something they think is stupid! I find them incredibly rude and unpleasant... Anyway, Deirdre likes old stuff so her house is kind of cute. I can tolerate her better than Shari because she isn't a stupid monkey. The only good thing about having two uchis is that they suggest all the best public works projects. She hasn't asked to leave yet, but I won't let her if/when she does...I'll get rid of Shari first.

10. Bangle, peppy tiger. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I was waiting so long to pick out my 10th villager, and Bangle moves in from Lauren's village! Bangle is actually fairly popular but I hate her. Since she and Cheri share a personality much of their dialogue overlaps, but Cheri has that cute Audrey Hepburn as a Care Bear vibe where as Bangle looks like a reject from a Hanna Barbera cartoon. Or a person in a fursuit. I want her to leeeeeeaaave... She likes orange and gorgeous, which means her house looks like crap.
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