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When's the last time I typed in LJ? When's the last time I even checked my friends list?

Still working on a lot of commissions. I can't complain...I need the money, LOL! Plus I get to try out dolls/hairstyles I never got around to doing myself. I'm still waffling over whether or not I ever want to get my own Ever After High doll. On one hand, I think the heads are too round and the lack of forehead makes a lot of hairstyles look less than flattering...on the other hand, I like the range of "normal" skin colors compared to Monster High, and the body sculpt is a little better. Hmmm...maybe one or two, in the future...

Lauren and I tried making homemade Japanese curry a few weeks ago, sans roux block, from this recipe:


It actually turned out really well. Good thing I have made roux before, otherwise I would have been terrified, LOL! We used pork shoulder instead of beef, though...it was on sale and I think beef chuck/short ribs/other kind of fatty beef can be kind of gross, honestly. I also mixed my own curry powder because there's something about premixed curry powder that bugs me, in more ways than one. That's a heck of a lot of garam masala(makes a heck of a lot of curry, though)!
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