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I had heard she wouldn't sell it, ever, because it's a Club Tortimer exclusive item, but I decided to give it a try. I'm putting it in my cityscape room!

I seem to be somewhat blessed with villagers and I can't see myself letting anybody go. Is that weird? I might consider losing Shari...I'm not 100% in love with Rori but I might get a worse jock if I send him away. Yesterday was Fang's birthday and I was somewhat traumatized when after the party was over, Rori said Fang was thinking of moving, because Fang refused to leave his house so I could tell him to stay! Maybe the villagers hole up inside their houses for the rest of the day after their birthday party? He did tell me this morning and I told him hell no I am not letting you leave. It's stressful to have to keep an eye on all your villagers to make sure nobody is hiding anything! Cheri is an annoying peppy villager but she is still cute so I don't want to let her go. Aurora, like all "normal" villagers, is kind of dull but she's a cute innocuous penguin and her eyes go all scary and red when she's surprised, so I want her to stay. Also, she might be replaced by some hideous freak. I know that Marcel is no prize but I have a soft spot for the lazy villagers and he's just a green dog, he's got some weird stuff in his house and I know there is no way I'll get Punchy, since he's Lauren's villager and I've been to her town many times. No way I'll let Broffina leave, I think she's hilarious. And Marshal...if he manages to give me the slip I will throw my 3DS through the window. He's so freaking cute, I can only tolerate smug villager antics from him! I just have to make sure I don't accidentally clock him over the head with anything and make him sad because he's very hard to see sometimes!

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